Offender Management System (OMS)

The Offender Management System (OMS) is a mission critical system that enables the agency to manage any EM program in an efficient and streamlined manner. It draws from our nearly 3 decades of experience in this field and is designed to meet the exact needs and requirements set forth by legislation and ruling.

Continuous Tracking

Attenti provides two optional products to track offenders' whereabout:

TD4i (One-Piece tracker)

Attenti’s self-contained One-Piece Tracking Device is designed to continuously monitor the offender's location at varying levels of intensity.

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Two-Piece Tracker

Attenti's Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Unit provides precision location tracking for continuous offender monitoring and communications with the offender.

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Home/Facility Detention Devices

Combining a body-worn transmitter and a full-featured monitoring receiver, Attenti's Dual Comms Home Curfew Solution provides presence monitoring within a defined perimeter.

E4 with RF Bracelet (Home detention)

The Dual Comms RF Monitoring Receiver is an advanced unit with integrated cellular and landline modems used for monitoring the presence of a transmitter worn by the monitored individual within a defined perimeter. Data transfer and two-way communication with the body-worn transmitter are fully encrypted to prevent cloning and spoofing attacks. The Dual Comms receiver has both local and remote programming interfaces so that program configuration and curfew schedules can be tailored for each monitored person.

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Domestic Violence Deterrence Devices

The Domestic Violence Deterrence devices are designed to provide the location of both the aggressor and its victims, and alert upon violation of the proximity set by the legal entity. Both are carrying devices that:
  • Alert on distance breaching
  • Allow the monitoring center to communicate with bothparticipants
  • Alerts the victim on close proximity with its aggressor
  • Provides the monitoring center with an accuratelocation of the aggressor and its victim
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Attenti Services

Attenti provides wide range of services to ensure the fast implementation, quick onboarding of team members, system sanity and maintenance, reactive/preventive maintenance, 24/7 HW/SW monitoring, operational service and more.

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Offender Management System (OMS)

Attenti OMS is the heart and brain of our EM solutions. It is designed to manage end-to-end, any EM program or programs. It main attributes are:
  • Provides a 360° view of the offender
  • One system can manage multiple programs
  • High availability
  • High capacity
  • Localization & Multilingual
  • Standards & certifications
  • Secured on all dimensions
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Individual & group monitoring
The system is highly secured and provides its various users (monitoring center agents, program manager, logistics manager, field officers, installers, and so on) with a web access to the various functions and information needed to fulfill their job. The OMS encapsulates all the tools and modules that are required to enable an agency to manage EM programs effectively and efficiently:
  • Offender Management
  • Program Management
  • Zone Management
  • Geolocation Engine
  • Offender relationship management
  • System Management
  • Device Management
  • Event & Schedule Management
  • Reports, Stats & Business Intelligence
  • Security Management
  • Analytics