Chronos Software


The Chronos System is the heart of Allied Universal® Electronic Monitoring's solutions. It provides staff with an easy-to-use interface to effectively run their electronic monitoring program no matter their needs.

Web Application

The ever-evolving needs of correctional agencies worldwide have served as guides when designing the Chronos Software. The resulting multifaceted application is a comprehensive interface that enables a wide range of functions for monitoring staff, agency managers, and probation officers amongst other electronic monitoring service provider roles.

Field-proven Performance

Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring's Chronos System is one of the most globally deployed offender monitoring solutions on the market, providing a scalable software platform for managing home curfew, location monitoring, and domestic violence deterrence programs.


Enhanced monitoring

The Chronos System provides monitoring centers with a clean and intuitive interface to facilitate everyday electronic monitoring tasks. The application includes advanced search and filter mechanisms and enables users to effortlessly perform varied tasks including event monitoring and handling, viewing location trails, and managing program settings, and schedules.

Robust security

Chronos has been designed with high-level security and protection of sensitive personal data in mind. Industry best-practices have been deployed for user authentication and authorization, vulnerability mitigation, and data breach prevention.

Advanced mapping

Chronos displays in Google® Maps. Maps are used in the software for displaying location, viewing trails and trail animations, and for creation of geo-zones used to restrict the movement of a monitored person.

Multi-language support

Since Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring's system is deployed all over the globe, language support and localization is required for each individual customer. Chronos currently supports many languages and translation to currently non-supported languages is available upon demand.


Chronos offers an extensive API suite allowing integration with third-party systems. A variety of customers worldwide work with the system on varying levels of integration. Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring has experience integrating with hardware suppliers, telecommunications providers, and case management applications in numerous countries.

Reporting capabilities

The Chronos Software reporting capabilities provide essential information on the general status of the electronic monitoring operation, a specific group (an agency, for example) or the status of a specific person monitored by the system. The application includes on-screen reports, predefined set of operational reports, or customizable reports built to your needs. Reports can be downloaded in multiple formats or automatically send via email on specific time schedule.

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