About Us

Our Story.

For over three decades, Allied Universal® Electronic Monitoring has been committed to offering law enforcement and government agencies the widest variety of cutting-edge monitoring solutions, tailored to their specific needs. Our innovative monitoring solutions make a tangible difference to people’s lives. To law enforcement officers out in the field. To communities tasked with reintegrating participants back into civilian life. To public authorities entrusted with making efficient use of taxpayer money. Wherever we operate, our extensive knowledge, veteran team of experts, and innovative electronic monitoring systems are trusted around the world.

Positive Social Impact.

Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring, through its unparalleled customer relationships, provides proactive solutions, cutting-edge smart technology, and tailored services that allow customers to focus on their core business. We value agility, reliability, and innovation. Our caring culture puts people and safety first. We deliver through teamwork and always act with integrity. With over 30 years of experience, our customers trust us with highly sensitive issues. We are well-known for our professional, honest and devoted employees, and pride ourselves in saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Our job is to give our customers a clear sense of security and the confidence to efficiently and effectively achieve their goals. We never lose sight of this.

A Knowledge-Driven Company.

With over 30 years of field experience, in more than 30+ countries, supporting hundreds of programs, we are true experts in the monitoring solutions field. We leverage an international network of expertise and resources in order to deliver a unique solution for our customers locally. Our continuously growing base of knowledge, expertise and insight is unmatched in our industry. Law enforcement personnel depend on real-time insight and precise data provided by our solutions. Corrections agencies and probation services worldwide rely on our knowledge to get their new programs up and running or to upgrade and expand existing programs. Our electronic monitoring technologies provide solutions which ensure the safety of our communities, providing an alternative to incarceration, lowering recidivism, improving reintegration of offenders and reducing prison overcrowding.

Safety in Numbers.


30 years of collaboration
with the global criminal justice community


35 countries served


90 registered patents


400 monitoring
programs worldwide


200K+ individuals
monitored every year

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