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The Monitoring Unit 5 (MU5) Solution is an advanced unit with integrated cellular and landline modems used for monitoring the presence of a transmitter worn by the monitored individual within a defined perimeter. Data transfer and two-way communication are fully encrypted to prevent cloning and spoofing attacks. The receiver has both local and remote programming interfaces so that program configuration and curfew schedules can be tailored for each monitored person.

Fast & Simple Installation

Receiver deployment involves quick hardware installation and a choice of multiple activation options, as well as automatic activation which requires minimal support from the monitoring center. Transmitter pairing, range testing and basic configuration options can be performed from the receiver’s local interface.

Robust Solution

Multiple detection mechanisms on the MU5 receiver and the participant's body-worn transmitter provide electronic and physical evidence of tamper attempts. The body-worn transmitter alerts on four different tamper detection mechanisms.


Group monitoring

Multiple participants with varying curfews can be monitored by a single receiver.

Encrypted communication

Data transfer to the monitoring center and RF communication with the participants's body-worn transmitter both employ proprietary protocols using AES encryption for authentication and validation.

Multiple data communication options

The MU5 incorporates cellular, Wi-Fi, and landline communication – allowing selection of the preferred communication platform and providing redundancy when the primary channel is unavailable.

Two-way communication

Voice call capabilities with monitoring centers and emergency services from the MU5.

Variable monitoring range

RF range configurable or automatically determined according to the results of the range test performed by the officer on site.

Custom programs and schedules

A wide range of configurable options enable programs that can be adjusted to the specific requirements of each monitored subject.

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