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Allied Universal® Electronic Monitoring's mission is to create a positive social impact by providing innovative solutions of superior quality and value to law enforcement and corrections agencies.

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Since 1994, we’ve been assisting government agencies and correctional service providers worldwide, sharing our unparalleled expertise, experience and technological knowledge to bring peace of mind to communities and the people whose job it is to keep them safe and secure.

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Our Solution

Electronic Monitoring

The specific needs, considerations, and sensitivities of criminal justice agencies using electronic monitoring to supervise people in the community are the focal point of our operations.

Safety in Numbers.


30 years of collaboration with the global criminal justice community


35 countries served


90 registered patents


400 monitoring programs worldwide


200K+ individuals monitored every year

Command and Control Center.

Our Software and Apps

Chronos Software

The Chronos System is the heart of Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring's solutions. It provides staff with an easy-to-use interface to effectively run their electronic monitoring program no matter their needs.

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Making society safer and more secure.

Customer-Focused Services.

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Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring Services

Allied Universal Electronic Monitoring provides a wide range of services to ensure the fast implementation, quick onboarding of team members, system sanity and maintenance, reactive/preventive maintenance, 24/7 HW/SW monitoring, operational service and more.

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