Your Needs, Our Solutions!

Attenti's end-to-end Electronic Monitoring System enables law enforcement and correctional agencies to monitor the whereabout and status of criminal offenders, under various programs, using one or more of our solutions.

Each solution can serve different types of programs, as defined by the local law and by the agency's needs and requirements.

The main purpose of the system is to monitor offenders, but programs differ one from the other in many aspects. A program will require offenders to:

  • Be in a specific place (e.g. home or a workplace) at all times or according to a pre-defined schedule, and/or
  • Stay away from specific places (e.g. schools or parks), and/or
  • Stay away from specific individuals, and/or
  • Avoid alcohol consumptions and/or
  • Enable the agency to monitor their exact location at any given time.

Agencies also have programs for people that are in different stage of their punitive or correctional process. To mention few:

  • Those awaiting trial
  • Convicted criminals who may serve their sentence outside a detention center or released for vacations
  • Those who have been released after a custodial sentence

Offenders may be placed on monitoring programs with a pre-defined sed of conditions and the type of monitoring program for each class of offender may vary in rigidity.


The OMS provide flexible configuration options that are designed to cater for the various demands of law-enforcement bodies and their specific requirements.

The Attenti Offender Management System (OMS) is the brain of the Attenti solution. Designed to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency in managing electronic monitoring programs.

The Attenti Offender Management System provides a 360° view of the offender, by encapsulating all required tools and modules needed to address your exact operational and regulatory needs.

The OMS gathers data from monitored individuals and present it to various EM system users enabling them to create safer society.


Attenti's Continuous Tracking solution provides precision location tracking designed to constantly monitor the outdoor and indoor location of the offender, at varying levels of intensity.

Relevant Programs: Pre-Trial & Bail, Temporarily Release, Early and Post-Release, Illegal Immigration Control, Juvenile Delinquency and Preventive Detention.


Attenti's Substance Abuse solution is a highly accurate method of remotely testing alcohol consumption levels, while verifying the identity of the individual taking the test. To better comply with court orders, the substance abuse solution can be integrated with the Home/Facility Detention solution.

The Substance Abuse Monitoring solution aids addiction rehabilitation while enhancing public safety.