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Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Unit provides precision location tracking for continuous offender monitoring. A transmitter worn by the monitored person sends signals to the Two-Piece unit to verify their proximity to the tracking unit. Location data processed and stored by the Two-Piece unit is transferred over the cellular network using an encrypted protocol. The unit stores program configuration details, reporting events according to the offender’s personal schedule and geo-zone restrictions. Bi-directional voice communication enables contact with the monitored person at any time.

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Advanced Location Technology

The Two-Piece GPS unit incorporates a new-generation integrated GPS module providing highly accurate location capabilities. This is coupled with triangulated cellular Location Based Service (LBS) as the backup location method.

Convenient Mapping Tools

Attenti’s Offender Management System provides a Web-based, operator-friendly interface for viewing location trails, device status, events and violation conditions. A wide range of reporting features is also available.

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Reliable communication

Encrypted data transfer to the monitoring center, bi-directional voice communication with the offender and simultaneous voice and data over the cellular network.

Dual SIM

The Two-Piece GPS unit includes Dual-SIM support – each SIM can be configured as the Primary or Secondary provider.

Flexible program configuration

Scheduling and zone configuration options to meet the monitoring needs of each agency and monitored individual. Customizable local indication (visual, audible and vibration), call intervals and GPS sampling rates.

Tamper protected solution

Multiple detection mechanisms on the Two-Piece GPS unit and the offender’s body-worn transmitter provide electronic and physical evidence of tamper attempts.

Multi-language support

The device status display and menu interface is available in a wide range of languages per customer requirement.

Home curfew base unit

An optional base unit determines that the offender is in the defined curfew location when docked and extends the RF range allowing the offenders to move freely around their home.

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