One-Piece GPS


one-piece GPS
one-piece GPS
one-piece GPS

A self-contained GPS tracking device designed to continuously monitor the offender's location at varying levels of intensity. The One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Device (TD4i) offers robust integration of location tracking, communication technologies, and anti-tamper mechanisms to provide a reliable tracking solution.

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Enhanced Offender Monitoring

A mainstay within hundreds of community-based supervision programs, Attenti’s One-Piece GPS Tracking Device continuously tracks individual offenders in real-time, stores data and alerts the monitoring center or assigned officers in the event of location or supervision violations – according to custom pre-set schedules and zone restrictions.

Advanced Communication

Location and event data is communicated to the monitoring center over the cellular network. Communication employs an encrypted proprietary protocol for confidential and authenticated data transfer.

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Simple to install

Quick and simple installation and activation procedure using custom tools for a secure fit every time.

Home curfew supervision

Attenti’s One-Piece GPS Tracking System enhances home curfew compliance by pairing its GPS tracking unit with a beacon and switching monitoring to RF for continuous presence at defined zones.

Tamper resistance

Multiple detection mechanisms provide both electronic and physical evidence of attempts to tamper with the device. Various levels of strap robustness options are available to meet the needs of the monitoring application and customer requirements.

Custom program configuration

Flexible scheduling and zone configuration to meet the monitoring needs of each agency and monitored person.

Local notification

Events and status changes can be indicated locally to the wearer of the device using the unit’s vibe motor and LED indicators.

Cordless charging

An optional cordless charger allows the monitored individual to move freely while charging the device, ruling out the need to be tethered to a power socket.

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