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Attenti’s Domestic Violence GPS Proximity Notification System is designed to keep victims of domestic violence safe, wherever they are. Employing proven GPS tracking technology and advanced protection layers, our system helps enforce protection orders against aggressors, and ensures victims can go about their lives with a sense of confidence and security.

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Increasing victim’s sense of security

Attenti’s Domestic Violence GPS Proximity Notification System provides victims with several layers of protection including: near real-time tracking of the aggressor’s whereabouts, warning aggressors as they enter off-limit zones, and triggering alerts to victims and designated criminal justice agencies.

Field-proven success

Attenti’s fruitful cooperation with local criminal justice agencies and other government stakeholders has resulted in the development of domestic violence deterrence programs in Europe, Latin America and CEE regions.

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Dynamic geo-zones

Configured according to the imposed restraining order, the system employs a dynamic geo-zone and utilizes the calculated distance between the aggressor and victim to generate violation events. Fixed exclusion zones, such as the victim’s workplace, are stored in the tracking unit’s memory.

Multiple fixed geo-zones

Immediate notifications are sent to the monitoring center, aggressor and victim if the aggressor has entered or is nearing a restricted area.

Audible and visual alarms

When the approach of the aggressor is detected, the victim’s GPS unit provides audible and visual indication that the victim should take necessary precautions.

Tamper protected solution

Multiple detection mechanisms on the aggressor’s GPS unit and the body-worn transmitter provide electronic and physical evidence of tamper attempts.

Panic alerts

The victim unit doubles as an emergency phone to the monitoring center and additional predefined contacts.

Dual SIM

The Two-Piece GPS unit includes Dual-SIM support – each SIM can be configured as the Primary or Secondary provider.

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