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Small in size, big in peace of mind. SCRAM Remote Breath® Alcohol Testing Device maximizes the effectiveness of your alcohol monitoring program with automated facial recognition (AFI) and a GPS location - with every taken or missed test.

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Increased Supervision

A GPS location point captured with every test provides more supervision data, especially on missed tests. Extra data helps to address and correct escalating behavior.

Automated Facial Intelligence™ (AFI)

To reduce manual photo-matching, the system automatically scans and confirms the participant's identity with each breath test. AFI increases accuracy and efficiency while reducing risk.

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Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI™)

Ensures correct individual is taking the test, while reducing manual review of photos. Automated matching reduces manual review by up to 95%, saving a significant amount of staff time.

Store and Forward

Stores up to 48,000 test results even when out of cell coverage and forwards the time-stamped results as soon as coverage is regained. Store and Forward also ensures a test prompt is never missed when out of cell coverage.

GPS Location With Every Test – Even Missed Tests

The device provides a GPS location with each and every test – both taken and missed. A GPS location with a missed test is especially useful as it can help an officer make an informed decision as to why an offender skipped a test.

Flexible Testing and Test Reminders

The system offers random, scheduled, and on-demand tests. Device-initiated testing and optional reminder notifications sent to client’s cell phone improve compliance.

Rugged and Portable

A rugged, handheld, and easy-to-use device built for corrections - not the general public. It has been subjected to rigorous drop testing and meets military drop test standard ML-STD810G.

Real-time Notifications

Alcohol testing results are reported immediately after each test according to agency procedures via email or text. The AFI photo verification alerts the officer if someone besides the offender is taking the test.

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