RTC two-piece GPS on dock
RTC two-piece GPS
man using RTC two-piece GPS

Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Tracking System (RTC) takes precise remote supervision to the next level offering direct communication with participants.

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Multiple Communication Modes

The RTC combines GPS, RF, Wi-Fi, and LTE voice and text messaging technologies into one modular solution. It provides real-time, two-way communication for an efficient monitoring system.

Trusted Electronic Monitoring

We pioneered the electronic monitoring industry by being the first company to integrate GPS, RF, and cellular communications into a comprehensive tracking solution. With the largest global presence in the industry, Attenti now tracks more than 60,000 participants in over 30 countries.

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The RTC encompasses multiple technologies for communicating with participants in real time: two-way voice communication, text messaging, LED lights, vibrations, and audible alerts.

Two Way Bracelet

Designed to encourage compliance, the BTX vibrates to notify the participant of a potential range violation. This optional feature can be customized to fit your program needs.

Wi-Fi Tracking

Attenti's RTC features Wi-Fi tracking as one of its three location technologies. Utilizing Wi-FI access points, the RTC continues tracking in the absence of GPS.

Interference Detection

The RTC offers cutting edge technology with the widest array of interference detection in the industry: cellular jamming, GPS jamming, device shielding, and motion detection.

LTE and Wi-Fi Communication

The RTC transmits location data and alert status via LTE and Wi-Fi networks. The RTC offers the most reliable coverage nationwide.

Pursuit Mode

Pursuit Mode turns on real-time tracking. It accelerates the speed at which the RTC reports into EM Manager, allowing officers to closely track the participant's locations during an active investigation.

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