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man holding mobile phone on offenders is a real-time electronic monitoring application with an intuitive and friendly interface that empowers officers in the field to effectively manage their workload from a mobile device both seamlessly and securely. The app enhances productivity and enables officers to remotely monitor their offenders, with a powerful set of advanced capabilities. runs on mobile devices running Android™ operating systems (iOS support to follow shortly).

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Offender Monitoring in the Field lets officers view the status of all their offenders. The app displays detailed information on the offenders, including picture, ID, program type and dates, equipment status, contact details, inclusion and exclusion zones, and battery level. Violation events are notified to the officer through push notifications. The app provides convenient violation handling either by calling the offender for further clarification or navigating to the offender.

Robust Security

The Offender Monitoring Mobile App has been designed with security in mind. Offender private information is protected. No private data or any details of the offender are stored on the phone. The application connects to aware., Attenti’s Offender Management System (OMS) and due to the sensitive nature of the system’s data, only known and registered OMS users and phones are granted access. An officer can only view & manage the offenders assigned to him/her. Additionally, all data transfer is secure.

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Secure Registration and Login

After installing the application and to protect the system against unauthorized use, access is available to registered users only. Only users and devices approved by the system administrator are able to log in. Authorization can be rescinded at any time in the event that a mobile device has been reported lost or stolen.

Intuitive Interface features an intuitive and friendly interface with useful screens that allow the officer to easily perform tasks such as viewing status, managing equipment, checking location data and using contact details to communicate with people participating in monitoring programs.

Advanced Mapping Capabilities

A major advantage of is the map features it provides. The officer can view their offenders on a map relative to the officer’s current position. If necessary, the officer can navigate to the offender’s address or last known location (for offenders on GPS tracking programs). In the case of domestic violence deterrence programs, the location of the victim is also displayed.

Communication with the Offender

Via the app, the officer can easily call or send a text message to any of his offenders through the contact numbers stored in aware., Attenti’s Offender Management System.

Offender Details

The officer is able to view offenders’ details including picture, ID, contact details, program type and dates, plus details of their schedules. For offenders on GPS tracking programs, the officer can also use the app to view inclusion and exclusion zones.

Offender Equipment’s offender equipment screen displays all of the offender’s equipment. The offender equipment screen shows the equipment type, the serial numbers of each piece of equipment and an indication of whether the equipment is active or just allocated to the offender.

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