Base Unit 3000


base unit 3000
base unit 3000 and two-way bracelet
base unit 3000

Reliable hardware in a smart, cost-effective package. Attenti’s Home Curfew RF Monitoring System (Base Unit 3000) gives you field-proven functionalities for low-risk participants.

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Multiple Communication Options

The Base Unit 3000, Attenti’s advanced cellular RF monitoring unit with backup landline capability, offers handset communication with the participant.

Two Way Bracelet

Designed to encourage compliance, Attenti's 2-Way Bracelet vibrates to notify the participant of a potential range violation. This optional feature can be customized to fit your program needs.

two-way bracelet


Two-Way Voice Communication

The handset simplifies two-way communication between participants and agency staff. The Base Unit is capable of making outgoing calls to officers or the monitoring center and allows incoming calls from authorized users.

Patented Strap Design

Attenti has patented a light-focusing technology that maximizes our ability to detect strap tampers. The strap contains an accurate fiber optic circuit; an internal copper wire aids in stretch resistance and durability.

Multiple Connection Methods

Connects via cellular or landline providing redundancy if the primary connection is unavailable. Provides peace of mind knowing participant data is delivered.

Customizable System

A wide range of configurable options enables customization at the agency, officer, and participant level.

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