Supervised Release Monitoring

Aiding successful reintegration into society

Our range of Supervised Release monitoring solutions helps to facilitate the reintegration of offenders back into society.

Relevant Products

One-Piece Tracking Device 4 (TD4)

Attenti’s One-Piece Tracking Device with optional Beacon is an autonomous GPS device that switches easily between active, hybrid, passive, and RF modes

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Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Device (XT)

Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device delivers precision location tracking and real-time, two-way communication for continuous offender monitoring.

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Home Curfew RF Monitoring System 3000

Attenti’s Home Curfew RF Monitoring System, with two-way voice communication, offers reliable curfew monitoring while providing participants the mobility to move around the residence.

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Electronic Monitoring Management Software

Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software, a robust web-based platform, is designed to be the command center of your monitoring program. Our customers enjoy the ease of use, interactive Google maps, and simple case management tools.

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Value-Added Services

Attenti’s strength is in our service delivery. As a complement to our outstanding products, Attenti provides exceptional training, implementation services, enhanced monitoring, account management, and much more.

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aware., the Offender Management System (OMS), is the heart of Attenti’s monitoring solution. The OMS enables management of all system entities including probation officers, monitoring center staff, the people monitored by the system, equipment inventory and events generated by devices in the field. Data received from numerous field units is processed, stored and displayed to provide users with diverse roles together with the information they need to run a successful monitoring program.

Explore Software is a real-time electronic monitoring application with an intuitive and friendly interface that empowers officers in the field to effectively manage their workload from a mobile device both seamlessly and securely. The app enhances productivity and enables officers to remotely monitor their offenders, with a powerful set of advanced capabilities. runs on mobile devices running Android™ operating systems (iOS support to follow shortly).

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Customer-Focused Services

Training and Implementation

Attenti's training is effective, streamlined, interactive, and successful. Tailored to meet the needs of the agency, our training options include onsite, webinar, and video. Our comprehensive and efficient implementation plans are based on extensive experience and best practices.

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