Home Curfew


Attenti’s Home Curfews RF Monitoring System gives you field-proven functionalities for low risk offenders. Participants are fitted with the Bracelet and assigned a Base Unit 3000 for the residence, managed through our EM Manager software. The Base Unit 3000 connects via cellular or landline and includes a handset for voice communication. When you need reliable hardware in a smart, cost-effective package, this is your optimal home curfew solution.

Fast & Simple Installation

Our Radio Frequency technology tethers the Bracelet affixed to the participant to a Base Unit 3000 installed in the participant’s home. Through EM Manager, users establish and modify curfews, grace periods, officer contacts, and notification protocols.

Reliable Hardware

For 25 years, we have designed and built our equipment to exacting standards. Our ISO Certified testing process ensures consistent, reliable products that meet the high expectations of our customers.


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