Making a positive impact on communities

The specific needs, considerations, and sensitivities of criminal justice agencies using electronic monitoring to supervise people in the community are the focal point of our operations. Our range of integrated community-based monitoring solutions improve offender compliance and promote rehabilitation of offenders back into the community.

Where Does It Fit?

Pre-trial / Bail

Pre-trial detainees make up a large proportion of people in prisons worldwide. Community-based monitoring solutions reduce the load on prison services for incarcerated individuals awaiting trial and on remand, who have not yet been sentenced and may not be found guilty.

Alternatives to Incarceration

Attenti offers electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration reducing costs to the agency, encouraging offender compliance, and addressing overcrowding.

Early Release

Our community-based monitoring systems enable offenders to serve the last portion of their sentence outside prison walls. Electronic monitoring helps offenders to modify behavior and facilitate rehabilitation into society.


Keeping communities safe and secure requires high-risk offenders, in particular sex offenders, to receive robust on-going electronic monitoring and supervision once their prison terms have been completed and they are reintegrated back into society.

Juvenile Sentence

Sentences for youth can have long-term implications for juveniles and their families. Alternatives to incarceration, such as community-based monitoring, help youth serve their sentence while continuing their education and maintaining family relations.

Immigration Control

National security, immigration and border control agencies face multiple immigration control challenges. Electronic monitoring of detainees not only offers a cost-saving alternative to secure detention, it also aims to improve appearance rates for interviews and compliance with immigration judicial orders.

Relevant Products

One-Piece GPS

Attenti’s One-Piece Tracking Device with optional Beacon is an autonomous GPS device that switches easily between active, hybrid, passive, and RF modes

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Two-Piece GPS

Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Tracking Device delivers precision location tracking and real-time, two-way communication for continuous offender monitoring.

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Home Curfew

Attenti’s Home Curfew RF Monitoring System, with two-way voice communication, offers reliable curfew monitoring while providing participants the mobility to move around the residence.

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Electronic Monitoring Management Software

Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software, a robust web-based platform, is designed to be the command center of your monitoring program. Our customers enjoy the ease of use, interactive Google maps, and simple case management tools.

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Value-Added Services

Attenti’s strength is in our service delivery. As a complement to our outstanding products, Attenti provides exceptional training, implementation services, enhanced monitoring, account management, and much more.

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