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Our Substance Abuse monitoring solutions play a vital role in getting lives back on track.

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Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring promotes accountability among offenders and empowers officers to aid in their success.

Relevant Products

SCRAM Remote Breath®

SCRAM’s portable alcohol breath device maximizes the effectiveness of your alcohol monitoring program offering automated facial recognition and a GPS location - with every taken or missed test.

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S.M.A.R.T. Mobile

S.M.A.R.T. Mobile™ is a handheld, lightweight, portable breath alcohol monitoring device. Its easy-to-read display, USB charger, and 5-day battery life allows the user mobility while facilitating compliance. Since it is integrated into Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software, agencies have the convenience of a single platform.

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TRAC™ Remote Alcohol Monitoring System

TRAC™ is a mobile breath alcohol monitoring system designed to get a person’s life back on track with accurate, anytime, anywhere Breath Alcohol Monitoring. It is equipped with facial recognition and liveness detection which ensures the correct individual is taking the test.

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Electronic Monitoring Management Software

Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software, a robust web-based platform, is designed to be the command center of your monitoring program. Our customers enjoy the ease of use, interactive Google maps, and simple case management tools.

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Value-Added Services

Attenti’s strength is in our service delivery. As a complement to our outstanding products, Attenti provides exceptional training, implementation services, enhanced monitoring, account management, and much more.

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