Enabling prisoners to reintegrate steadily into society

Our range of Supervised Release monitoring solutions facilitate the reintegration of prisoners back into society upon sentence completion, by enabling inmates to participate in work release and other temporary release programs.

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Work Release

Supervision of prisoners on temporary leave for work purposes allows inmates to maintain ties with the community and professional life even during incarceration.

Furlough Release

Our supervised release monitoring solutions help support prisoner rehabilitation by enabling inmates to spend weekends and/or holidays with family before sentence completion.

Relevant Products

Location Tracking

Attenti’s self-contained One-Piece GPS Tracking Device is designed to continuously monitor the offender's location at varying levels of intensity.

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Location Tracking

Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Unit provides precision location tracking for continuous offender monitoring.

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Control Center

Attenti’s Offender Management System provides complete control over monitoring operations. The system facilitates monitoring tasks, agency administration and inventory management necessary for the daily running of the monitoring program.

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More solutions

Community-Based Monitoring

Our range of integrated community-based monitoring solutions improve offender compliance, protect victims against domestic violence, and promote rehabilitation of offenders back into the community.

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Substance Abuse Monitoring

Our solutions assist in getting people’s lives back on track by overcoming substance dependence.

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