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Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Device (XT)

Attenti’s Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System (XT) takes precise remote supervision to the next level offering direct communication with participants, multiple supervision levels, and custom program configuration. An elevated level of monitoring control for agencies and officers.

Multiple Communication Modes

Providing options for unique agency needs. The XT provides direct voice and text communication to encourage compliance and reduce officer workload. It allows participants to respond directly from the device, eliminating the need for a cell phone, and increases overall monitoring efficiency through quicker response times.

Trusted Offender Monitoring

We pioneered the offender tracking industry by being the first company to integrate GPS, RF, and cellular communications into a comprehensive offender tracking solution. With the largest global presence in the industry, Attenti now tracks more than 60,000 offenders in over 34 countries.

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Size & Weight

Height 4.40 inches
Width 2.65 inches
Depth 0.82 inches
Weight 6.3 oz


Simple Enrollment and Installation

Custom program configuration allows specific rules, schedules, and zones to be set for each participant. Quick and simple installation provides a custom secure fit for each participant. Activates in less than 5 minutes.

Onboard Processing

The XT stores the participant’s rules onboard and compares its location to the rules defined for the participant. By doing so, the device can notify participants and generate alerts for noncompliance faster than devices that do not have this capability.

Pursuit Mode

Pursuit Mode enables the Attenti system to go into real-time tracking. It accelerates the speed at which the XT reports into EM Manager, allowing officers to closely track the offender’s locations during an active investigation.

Optional Home Curfew Base Unit

Effective home curfew monitoring improves location accuracy while allowing offenders to move freely indoors. Reports on violations via landline if the cellular signal is lost indoors.


The XT encompasses multiple technologies for communicating with participants in real time: two-way voice communication, text messaging, LED lights, vibrations, and audible alerts.

Supporting Software

Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software, EM Manager, provides integrated monitoring, mapping and tracking, case management, reporting, and inventory management. The Mobile EM Manager app, available in the Apple and Android Stores, allows users to perform essential GPS monitoring functions while in the field.