• Overview
  • Technical specs

TRAC™ Remote Alcohol Monitoring System

TRAC™ is a mobile breath alcohol monitoring system designed to get a person’s life back on track with accurate, anytime, anywhere Breath Alcohol Monitoring. It is equipped with facial recognition and liveness detection which ensures the correct individual is taking the test.

Secure and Discreet Design

Consistent testing begins with good design. The “fits in your pocket” device ensures discreet use, in any situation. The design of the integrated mouthpiece prevents tampering to ensure accurate testing.

Flexible, Innovative Solution

Meeting your agency’s needs, this downloadable, mobile application is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Wi-Fi devices. The non-restrictive app works with any smartphone over any wireless network or Wi-Fi.

Size & Weight

Height 5.75 inches
Width 2.5 inches
Depth 1.25 inches
Weight 6.0 ounces


GPS location

GPS locations stored with every test provide more supervision data.

Enhanced Identity Confirmation

Facial recognition and liveness detection ensures correct individual is taking the test.

Real-time violation and achievement notifications

Custom and pre-written alerts, reminders, and warnings sent via email or text to multiple parties aids in recovery.

Validity Tests

Displays device serial number and special check digit on LCD screen.

Flexible Testing with Automated Retesting

Choose from random, scheduled, and on-demand tests.

Multiple Communication Modes

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, communicates over all wireless networks and Wi-Fi.