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Value-Added Services

Attenti has maintained a high reputation for electronic monitoring for the past two decades. Even so, our strength is in our service delivery. One of the key ingredients to our success has been our commitment to supporting our customers. Attenti’s ability to attract the best and brightest, our investment in training and development - along with a strong focus on customer needs - have made us an industry leader in electronic monitoring.

Account Management

Our customer-first culture has generated many long and loyal customer relationships and is a key ingredient to our success. Our experienced account management team is able to provide a thorough understanding of both products and software. This combination of size and experience means Attenti can provide one-on-one service, support and training, when and where you need it.

Monitoring Center Services

Built on a reputation of excellence, Attenti Monitoring Centers are ISO certified, operate 24/7 year-round, and offer customers superior quality service – controlling everything from hiring to training to managing personnel. Because our service staff is always on the front line, we help equip them for their roles by providing industry-leading personnel development, training, and performance management.

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Quick Overview

Monitoring Center Hours 24/7/365
Monitoring Center Locations 2 Secure Locations
Language(s) Available Multiple
Account Managers National Coverage


Multi-Tiered Account Management Team

The first level of support is an assigned account manager. Experts on our products and software, they provide training, technical support, troubleshooting, inventory management, information on new product releases, court testimony, and assistance for special requests. As a second tier of support, the agency is serviced by the Regional Account Management Team who are trained to respond to customer communication requests within 24 business hours.

Contract Implementation

One of the benefits of contracting with Attenti is our two decades of experience implementing and supporting electronic monitoring programs. Our approach to contract implementation takes several factors into consideration, including the number of staff to be trained and the number of devices to be installed. We have an infrastructure of experienced support personnel built from years of servicing contracts across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

In-Depth Training

Attenti built its reputation on service and training is service; we take it seriously and we do it well. We provide initial Basic Training to all agency designated personnel in onsite training classes with follow-up Refresher Training sessions annually. Our unique training approach can be tailored to meet the needs of the agency. Advanced training options include webinars, videos, and expert level on-site classes.

Crime Scene Correlation

Attenti’s Crime Tracking is an effective investigative tool that saves officers countless hours both identifying and ruling out suspects. Agencies electronically transmit their daily reported crimes to us and our powerful system will correlate the crime times and locations with the tracked offender points in our system.

Monitoring Center Support

Our extensively trained Customer Service Agents quickly and accurately answer any question regarding offender activity, software, equipment, mapping, zones, rules, notifications, and more. Our U.S. based monitoring center is available 24/7. All calls to and from the Monitoring Center are recorded.

Full Service Monitoring

The Attenti Monitoring Center offers a cost-effective solution to help reduce your workload. We offer customizable protocols and alert triage options including; afterhours monitoring, officer alert notification calls, and enhanced escalation and call tree programs. Account managers will appear and testify, as needed, in legal proceedings convened by the court.