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Electronic Monitoring Management Software

Designed to be the hub of your monitoring program, Attenti’s Electronic Monitoring Management Software (EM Manager) gives you industry-leading control from a simple web-based platform. The heart of the Attenti system, EM Manager is powerful, easy, and intuitive; designed with the burgeoning caseloads of corrections and law enforcement officers in mind. Our customers enjoy the ease of use, interactive Google maps, simple case management tools, and clear dashboard with color-coded status.

Command & Control Center

EM Manager is everything you need to maximize compliance. Attenti’s multifaceted application is a comprehensive interface that enables a wide range of functions for correctional and law enforcement officers, monitoring center staff, and program managers.

Mobile App

A complement to EM Manager, Mobile EM Manager is designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the field. Attenti’s software enables field staff to work where they are most impactful. This non-restrictive app is available on any smartphone.

Technical Specs

Microsoft Edge Current Version
Internet Explorer 10 and 11
Firefox Current and Previous Version
Chrome Current and Previous Version
Safari Current and Previous Version


Mapping and Pursuit Mode

Using Google Maps™, EM Manager provides visual mapping of the location of an offender at any date and time with directional GPS tracking arrows. Pursuit Mode enables the Attenti system to go into real-time tracking, allowing officers to closely track the offender’s locations during an active investigation.

Agency-Specific Configuration

System settings are configurable to fit your program needs. Set your default grace periods, notification methods, and zone options; add custom fields; specify agency-required fields; and more.

Multiple Zone Tools

Users create and manipulate zones in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to meet their supervision needs, including Custom Zones, Zone Templates, Global Zones, Zone Layers, and Areas of Interest.

Mobile App

Available for Android and Apple, Mobile EM Manager features offender dashboards, fully integrated Google Maps™, device messaging and alert capabilities, and turn-by-turn navigation to your offender’s last point or home zone.

Inventory Management

Attenti’s Inventory Management Tool allows users to place and manage orders, track inventory, and generate return requests all within the EM Manager software.


A powerful reports module designed to report data that is pivotal to monitoring offender behavior and focus on the parameters key to successful program management. Standard reports include violations, case management, equipment, and notifications. System generated daily reports summarize alerts, events, and case management actions generated the previous day.