Let’s make society safer together

Every day, offenders take a step towards rehabilitation, communities feel more secure, and law enforcement officers do their jobs better. All of this happens thanks to people like you. At Attenti, we invite you to bring your talents, passion and know-how to shape the future of monitoring solutions and technologies that will make our society safer. The world is counting on us.

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Joining Attenti puts you in the center of one of the market’s most experienced companies. Work alongside good people whose talents and expertise save lives. Learn from industry veterans who have shaped industry’s best practices and led dozens of programs worldwide. Apply your skills to developing the next generation electronic monitoring technologies, that help make communities safer.


We’re an established company with a progressive spirit. Our workplace encourages ideas, collaboration and teamwork. We foster a culture that rewards integrity, innovation and hard work. However, we also offer a fun and rewarding environment, with many opportunities for professional growth. Join us and become a part of Attenti’s dynamic and growing family.

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our Open Positions